Horizontal Freelancing

100+ illustrated steps to laid-back-work

Build a successful freelance business without burnout!

If you're fed up with administration, unpredictable finances and not getting credit for your valuable work, this is the book for you. Each lesson brings you closer to your goal of creating a clear growth system that automates your business and creates value for your clients.

A step-by-step system to building a successful freelance business

More than 100 lessons to help you quickly turn your business around and develop a system that generates a predictable stream of high-quality clients who pay well and give you inspiring work.

You can work through each lesson in less than 15 minutes and develop a clear growth system for your freelance business.

We give you the exact framework to apply each lesson quickly so you don’t have to think too much and can create a lifestyle that embraces relaxed work.

A few things you'll learn

7 chapters with 100+ lessons

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