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Freelancing Fundamentals for Creative Digital Nomads

Normally $49 USD

Work less, charge more and find more freedom whilst providing massive value for your clients.

  • Reduce your workweek by 10-15 hours
  • Plan your week for radical success
  • Get clients that are happy to pay premium prices

120,000+ students taught on Udemy!

Thomas Talavera Karslake

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Learn to overcome the biggest challenges as a creative freelancer so that you can become a successful digital nomad.

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Go from this

Chronic life-cycle of a creative freelancer

To this

Enhanced life-cycle of a creative freelancer

What we'll cover

The masterclass will be held live over an online live streaming session lasting 1.5 hours with additional time for questions and answers. You will have lifetime access to the material.

Become a digital nomad and create your offer

Promote yourself strategically and acquire dream clients

Produce work efficiently and increase your income

Why you should take this masterclass?

If you feel stuck and don’t know how to start as a digital nomad, this masterclass is for you. We'll personally guide you along the way so that you can use your creative skills to get the best jobs online. This masterclass is designed to push you in the right direction and help you complete all the modules so that you get the maximum potential.

Some of the things you'll learn

Set yourself up as a digital nomad

Create an attractive brand

Craft the perfect online profile

Create an outstanding portfolio

Create a winning pitch

Charge properly for your work

Handle clients efficiently

Work less and charge more

Present your work properly

Who is this masterclass for?

This program focuses on creative freelancers or anyone who uses their creative skillsets at work.

Graphic Designers

Website Designers



UX/UI Designers


Thomas Talavera, founder of Start Loaded

I'm Thomas Talavera, your instructor

I founded Start Loaded to help freelancers create more freedom. Start Loaded helps you work less, charge more and increase your value as a freelancer. I have taught 120,000+ students how to build a successful freelance business.

Digital design has been my passion for more than ten years. I have travelled around the world as a digital nomad for more than 5.

I also have a marketing studio called Atravela. We have worked with more than 190 companies around the world. Our motto is: Simplicity Empowers. We provide digital solutions that transform businesses from the ground up.

Over the years, I’ve learned various techniques that have helped me grow my business exponentially. I look forward to helping you on your journey to create freedom.

What our students loved the most

Why Start Loaded?

We're experienced digital nomads

We take the nomadic lifestyle very seriously and want to share all the knowledge we’ve gained throughout the years. We want you to grow and perfect your trade whilst having more freedom.

We've taught more than 123,000 students

We're experienced teachers that have developed many courses and programs that have helped tons of students around the world.

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