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100+ Easy, Illustrated Steps to

Laid Back Freelancing

Work 4-Hour Days, Get High-Paying Projects and Create a Life of Adventure!

If you’re fed up with administration, unpredictable finances and not getting credit for your valuable work, this is the book for you. Each lesson brings you closer to your goal of creating a clear growth system that automates your business and creates value for your clients.


5 ways to create freedom as a freelancer

  • Learn how to establish a consistent revenue stream.
  • Market yourself without spending any money.
  • Reduce your work week by 10-15 hours.
  • Get clients that are happy to pay premium prices.
  • Discover how to stop selling your time.

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How to Attract High-Value Clients as a Digital Nomad

Get dream clients, work less and charge more and create work that you’re truly passionate about whilst traveling.

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Digital Nomad Masterclass: For Creative Freelancers

Build your brand, create a portfolio, find high-value clients and charge properly whilst travelling the world.

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