How to Attract High-Value Clients as a Digital Nomad

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Create freedom and value outside of convention. Ditch the office, not your career!

What you’ll learn

  • Live a life of adventure, exploration and curiosity.
  • Create a brand that’s purpose and inspires the people you care about.
  • Find quality clients that nurture you and your business.
  • Produce work that inspires you and others.
  • Grow professionally without following conventional paths.
  • Work less while producing more value for your clients.
  • Create an income that allows you to live out your passions anywhere in the world.
  • Identify the skills and passions that allow you to turn work into play.
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Get dream clients, work less, charge more and create work that you’re truly passionate about whilst traveling!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how attract high-value clients effectively
  • Increase your profits immensely
  • Learn to attract the right clients
  • Increase your prices dramatically
  • Discover how to charge appropriately
  • Find clients anywhere you go
  • Work with clients that are fun, exciting and keep you motivated
  • Discover what value you add to your clients
  • Pitch appropriately
  • Learn to never undervalue your work
  • Work less and charge more
  • Become an investment and not an expense
  • Learn the pitfalls of working with high value clients


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