Coaching Freelancers to Create Freedom

The minimalist guide to freelancing

The minimalist guide to freelancing

Simple lessons to become a successful freelancer.




Hustle culture has led us to believe that having more clients is better. The truth is that every client, whether big or small, requires energy. Don’t lose it in low-value clients.

Sometimes less is more!



We’re so busy trying fancy ways of getting clients that we forget to use the best and easiest tactic, word-of-mouth.

Drop an email to a client you appreciate saying: “Is there anyone you know I can help?”

You’d be surprised by the results!




Competition is more fierce than ever!

Use your personality to gain clients. They will relate to you personally and will be willing to see more than ROI.


Time vs Money

Time vs Money

Time is always more important than money.

Moving away from hourly jobs and getting paid in exchange for value is crucial to growing as a freelancer.


AI vs Humans

AI vs Humans

Artificial intelligence will change creative jobs forever!

We can use AI to generate core concepts quickly and human intelligence to create layers of personality, creativity and uniqueness.


Technology vs Biology

Technology vs Biology

Human biology hasn’t changed much, technology changes every day!

You don’t need to learn how to use every new program. Technology adapts to human biology. Learn how humans think, so the software you use becomes irrelevant.


Earn, Spend

Earn, Spend

Get paid, freak out, get paid, freak out!

Sounds familiar?

As freelancers, financial instability is almost inevitable.
The key is to reduce the gap between spending and gaining, creating consistent revenue streams and growing your business in order to gain peace of mind.


Deadlines and Stress

Deadlines and Stress

Freelancing is an emotional roller-coaster.

The looming deadlines approaches, making cortisol levels rise.

It’s important to have a healthy work environment and certain routines so that deadlines don’t become our worst enemy.


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5 ways to create freedom as a freelancer

  • Learn how to establish a consistent revenue stream.
  • Market yourself without spending any money.
  • Reduce your work week by 10-15 hours.
  • Get clients that are happy to pay premium prices.
  • Discover how to stop selling your time.

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