The words that changed my freelance business

I once hired a business coach, and to be honest, I was a little sceptical about the outcome. He charged a lot of money, but I thought I'd give it a try.



I once hired a business coach, and to be honest, I was a little sceptical about the outcome. He charged a lot of money, but I thought I’d give it a try.

There was a lot of valuable information and content he shared with me, which was honestly pretty great. I managed to get my money back with one client: I worked with a holistic doctor. She was fantastic and had worked at El Bulli (the highest rated restaurant in the world at the time). She was serious and needed a website that not only looked good but also converted visitors into customers. I used a lot of the knowledge I’d learned with the coach to develop a great digital strategy for her that brought her thousands of leads.

I focused on the wrong goals for the wrong type of client

But there was one problem: this kind of strategy required a lot of work. It was tedious and many of my clients weren’t willing to pay that much. After I graduated, I’d set myself a goal: I wanted to do the best creative work possible, no matter what. I think as creatives we’ve that deeply ingrained in us: we want to be proud of our work. But in the end, it hurts our business. Most clients don’t need award-winning creatives, they need results.

The words that changed how I freelance

My coach’s words changed the way I work: “Stop designing everything from scratch, focus on one type of client, create all the templates they need to transform their business, sell the low-paying clients a do-it-yourself package with all the templates and charge a premium fee for a service that’s done for you.”

The more projects I worked on, the better my templates became.


I ended up creating more than 100 templates for hoteliers who specialise in experiential travel. This made my process faster, more reliable and very valuable. I’ve used these templates on over 100 projects.

Overcoming the fear of selling templates

I was always afraid that clients would think they were using the same templates for every project. This was a mistake, because every business is inherently different and millions of standardised services are sold to satisfied clients every day.

Let’s find the solution that can change your freelance business

I’d love to help you change your freelance business in this way. I believe that a few words coming from a different perspective can change everything.

I currently offer FREE 30-minute growth strategy sessions for creative freelancers. I look at your work personally and recommend quick changes that will help you attract better clients, increase your value and maximise your productivity.

If you think this might be helpful, find out more and book your session below!


Let's find the solution that can change your freelance business

30-Minute Growth Strategy Session for Creative Freelancers

I’ll personally review your work and recommend quick changes to help you attract better clients, increase your value and maximise your productivity.

P.S. These sessions take tons of time and energy, so I can only take a few bookings.

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